Our newest Countertop model intended for Commercial and High-End Residential applications alike, the PRO can select between hot, cold or room temperature filtered water, and even comes with a sparkling water option.

Available in multiple filtration configurations including Reverse Osmosis, the PRO comes with a standard hot water safety lock.

Specifications & Features

Dimensions: 9″ W x 15″ L x 15.5″ H
Weight: 30 lbs
Cold Tank: 0.55 gallon
Hot Tank: 0.5 gallon
Cooling: 1.5 gal/hour 37-50°F
Heating: 1.3 gal/hour 180°F
Dispensing Gap: 9”
Anti Microbial Coating Available
Hot, Cold, & Ambient Water
Hot Water Safety Lock

Available in: SODA, Reverse Osmosis Purification, Multi-Stage Carbon / Anti-Scale Filtration, Multi-Stage: Carbon Block & Poly Phosphate

Colors: silver/black, silver/white, black/black

Reverse Osmosis Purification

Stage 1: Sediment Filter (5 micron)
Stage 2: Activated Carbon Filter (1 micron)
Stage 3: 100 GDP Reverse Osmosis Membrane
Stage 4: Post Carbon Filter (0.5 micron)