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The H2O-1500PT is the first introduction model to feature H2O®’s Patent Pending True Touchless™ Systems. With Separate fully functional soft touch sensor and True Touchless™ Systems; end customers may use either interface at their convenience and preference. Say “Good Bye” to unsanitary buttons, paddles, and unreliable & unsafe foot pedals.

The 1500PT features a sleek look. high quality construction, and un-paralleled reliability; and is equipped with an extra large dispensing gap. making it ideal for sport bottles and coffee pots. Dispensing both hot, cold, and Ambient or Sparkling Water, is equipped with an LG compressor, surgical stainless steel High Capacity hot and cold tanks.


  • Hot Water Safety Lock Function (only system on market)
  • Hot Water Dispensing Function
  • Ambient or Sparkling Water Function (only system on market)
  • Cold Water Function
  • Individually Adjustable Proximity Sensitivity 0.5″ to 6″ (only system on market)
  • Redundant and Separately Operating Touch and H2O­® True Touchless™ Systems
  • Retain Full Functionality of touch functions in all H2O® True Touchless™ Systems


Dimensions: 14″W x 14″L x 44″H
Weight: 50lbs
Cold Tank: 2 Gallon
Hot Tank: 0.65 Gallon

Cooling Rate: 3 gal/hour 37-50 ºF
Heating Rate: 2.8 gal/hour 180 ºF


LG Compressor
Anti-Microbial Panels
Hot & Cold Water
Hot Water Safety Lock


Hot Power Consumption 300W
Cold Power Consumption 100W
110V~127V AC / 50-60 Hz
Refrigerant R134A
Climate Class T

USA Final Assemble & Quality Control


H2O® True Touchless™ System
Fully Designed and Developed in the USA

4-Stage UltraFiltration

Stage 1: Sediment (5 micron)
Stage 2: Pre-Carbon (1 micron)
Stage 3: Ultra-Filtration Membrane (0.02 micron)
Stage 4: Post Carbon Filter (0.5 micron)

4-Stage Ultra Filtration w/Alkaline

Stage 1: Sediment Filter (5 micron)
Stage 2: Activated Carbon Filter (1 micron)
Stage 3: Ultra Filtration Membrane (0.02 micron)
Stage 4: Post Alkaline Carbon Filter (0.5 micron)